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Welcome to “The Aunts Sweet Treats”! We began this journey in remembrance of our dearly beloved aunts, who were not only sisters but also best friends. They always wanted to start a chocolate and dessert business. The two, none other than Joanne and Jeanette Fiametta, would be very proud of us. They inspired us to continue their dream. Auntie Jo and Auntie Jan, as they were better known, were amazing in their craft.

We inherited all of their chocolate and dessert making tools. From heaven they look down. The sweetness of their hearts will become the sweetness of your taste buds.

We decided to call our business The Aunts Sweet Treats.  So many of us called them simply “The Aunts”. Sometimes they were called “The Sisters”, but to us, they were and always will be “The Aunts”.

On our website, you can order chocolate lollipops and other chocolate creations, fruit baskets, dessert pizza pies and more!!

We hope you enjoy “The Aunts Sweet Treats” as much as we always have.

– Jennifer and Juliana, Mother and Daughter Team
and “The Nieces”

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