The Aunts’ Sweet Treats


Inspired by two very special women with a dream to have their own Sweets Shoppe, welcome to “THE AUNTS’ SWEET TREATS”!

My family has always been great party planners. Growing up, we always had the best theme parties. My two aunts continued the tradition by always creating and making characters, themed chocolates, cakes, centerpieces, favors and more for every party they attended. At some point, they were selling their creations to friends who wanted to bring the magic to their own families.

Over the years, Aunt Joanne and Aunt Jeanette collected a huge assortment of chocolate and baking supplies for all of their delicious creations. They enjoyed making and gifting for every special occasion and holiday, and we always enjoyed receiving them. They always told me that I would be given their supplies, as I had started to continue in their footsteps with my own children’s parties and planning.

In 2013, we unexpectedly lost both of my beautiful aunts. In July, we lost Auntie Jo.  Only six weeks later, in September, we lost Auntie Jan.  Losing these two amazing women has been of the most difficult time of my life.  The entire family feels the tremendous loss, and we all did a ton of baking and creating for the 2013 Christmas season, mainly to keep the spirit of Auntie Jo and Auntie Jan alive.

I thought about all of the supplies that I have been left from my aunts.  I realized that there was no better way to remember them than by using the talents they shared with me, and now my daughter Juliana, to create our own sweet treats to enjoy, gift and sell to the public.  With the death of our aunts comes the birth of “The Aunts Sweet Treats”.

Check back soon for more about our venture!

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